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    Barrier Free Architecturals

    Bariatric Shower Seat

    Barrier Free Living  stainless steel bariatric  seat is  designed specifically for bariatric needs.   This seat’s wall-mounted frame and 3" padded stainless steel leveling feet are engineered to withstand up to 1500 lbs/f.   Solid phenolic seat top is slotted for drainage. Also available in phenolic teak and is ideal for use in showers and locker rooms.  The seat can be raised to provide additional space when not in use.  

    The seat is automatically held in the raised position by a stainless cross member attached to the front and rear support legs.  When the seat is lowered into its down position the swing down leg automatically aligns the front and rear support legs with the help of the stainless cross member.  Adjustable feet permit the seat to be raised or lowered.  

    The seat is available in a white or teak phenolic material, a padded naugahyde or high density polyethelene.