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    Barrier Free Architecturals

    Caregiver Shower Doors

    Barrier Free Living  Evolution Caregiver doors are the perfect solution for assisting in bathing. Caregiver doors are available as fixed and portable models.  These stylish attractive fixed chrome  doors can be attached a standard  showers, or can be custom made to fit any accessible walk in shower.  These doors are by far the best caregiver doors on the market.

    The Evolution series of caregiver doors are the most advanced system specifically designed and engineered to combine safety and elegance.

    The Handle:  The soft grip provides comfort to the ergonomic and easy to use handles as well as offering color contrast for those with visual difficulties.

    Magnetic Closures:  Strong Magnetic Strips and durable water seals enhance the opening and closing functions.

    Locking Handle: Unique and robust ergonomic locking handles ensure ease of operation and color contrast for those with visual difficulties.

    Rise and Fall Hinge System: Resilient parts offer added strength to the bi-directional 180 degree rise and fall hinge system.  The doors lock into position when fully opened.

    Evolution Frost Panels:  Contemporary polished chrome with lightweight polycarbonate panels , stronger than peta and other commonly unused panel systems.

    Water Seals: Quadruple dam bottom seals with incorporated water deflection flippers provide the better water retention and a unique water seal which is superior to commonly used systems.

    Anti Bacterial:  The Evolution collection have  accredited lifetime anti bacterial properties that reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and cross infection. 

    Caregiver portable doors are a practical functional solution to assist caregivers in the bathing process.   The doors are light weight and the handles make them suitable for traveling.  The polycarbonate glazing system is toughest shatterproof product available for shower doors.  The life time antibacterial properties of the aluminum frame and plastic parts are innovative and a highly functional additions to this solid dependable showering option. 

    Recommended for both residential use and in assisted care facilities where the use of the doors in multiple rooms is an asset.